Frome Valentine Gas Lamp

The famous Valentine Gas Lamp in Frome, Somerset is one of the town’s most romantic landmarks. Set amidst heart-shaped cobblestones with a ‘love seat’ under the gentle glow of the gas lamp, looking down the historic cobbled street of Catherine Hill.

The next ceremony is taking place on 14th February 2025.

Please join us to celebrate Valentines Day and to witness this unique event. Come rain or shine, at 5.30pm everyone is summoned to the site of the lamp in Catherine Hill. All will gather to await the arrival of the lamplighter, dressed in period costume. He will be carrying a traditional lamplighter’s pole and will oversee the lighting ceremony which starts at 6pm.

The annual Valentine Gas Lamp Lighting Ceremony has been celebrated for over 30 years and has been faithfully led by Reg Ling, its creator and renovator (now in his 90s).

‘The Friends of the Frome Valentine Gas Lamp’ supports the upkeep and maintenance of the lamp and relies on voluntary donations to keep this unique landmark in perfect condition for romantic generations to come.